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Placement Testing

Pierpont Community & Technical College is now using ACCUPLACER as its test to determine whether students with no or low or outdated ACT or SAT scores are eligible for traditional 3-credit courses in ENGL and MTH or if they are required to take extended credit courses or additional co-requisite support classes.If you have not attended and passed a college level Math/English course and do not have the needed ACT/SAT scores for consideration, you will need to take the ACCUPLACER exam at the Advanced Technology Center (ATC).Note: Students who have scored at Level 3 or higher on the State of WV ELA and Math tests their junior year of high school may enroll in traditional 3-credit classes regardless of their ACT scores.

While the exam may be broken into sections, if you plan to take all three sections at the same sitting, please allow 3 hours for testing.

Exams will be scheduled in two separate sessions every Monday and one session on the fourth Friday of each month. The testing availability will be from Nov 26, 2018 - March 15, 2019. Additional sections will not be open after the March 15th date.

Are Students Required to take Placement Tests?

  • NO. Any student with low or no scores is permitted to enroll in the extended credit hour versions of MTH and ENGL without taking the ACCUPLACER.
  • Students may also use COMPASS test results from the past two years or ACT scores from the past five years.

How to Schedule a Test - PSI Students Only

  • Schedule early as seats will fill soon.
  • Go to and create a student profile.
  • In the upper right hand corner in the “search for a class” box - type - Accuplacer
  • Choose your date and process through the end of the “transaction” There is no cost for this exam.
  • Dates will be populated one month at a time to eliminate confusion.

Where Can Students Take the Test?

  • Fairmont campus, 248 Hardway Hall, M-F; walk-in hours 10am-3pm
  • Caperton Center, Clarksburg, by appointment: 304-367-4030
  • Lewis Co. site, Weston, by appointment: 304-368-7257
  • Braxton by appointment
  • PSI Applicants will test at the Advanced Technology Center by appointment: 304-368-7254

What do Students Need to Bring to Test Site?

  • Students must bring a photo ID. Nothing else is permitted in the testing room. All scrap paper and pencils are provided, and a calculator is built in to the exam; no outside aids permitted. You will be asked to leave your phone at the front desk and your friends and family in the waiting area.

What Scores Qualify a Student for a 3-credit MTH and ENGL 1104?

  • Students whose majors require MTH 1207 must score an 84+ on Arithmetic.
  • Students whose majors require all other MTH must score a 76+ on Elementary Algebra.
  • Students must score 88+ on Sentence Skills to be eligible for 3-credit and on-line sections of ENGL 1104.
  • A Reading Comprehension score of 79+ may be required of some academic majors.

How Can Students Prepare for the ACCUPLACER?

How Many Times Can a Student Test?

  • Testing policy allows students to test up to two times each semester (Fall; Spring; Summer 1 and Summer 2 are each considered a “semester.”)
  • Students are encouraged to wait at least a week before re-testing in order to review.
  • PSI applicants may test up to three(3) times

If your most recent test scores exempt you from the ACCUPLACER test, then be sure to have official results mailed to us as soon as possible:

Pierpont Community & Technical College
Attn: Enrollment Services
1201 Locust Ave.
Fairmont, WV 26554

Should a PSI Student need assistance or need to cancel your testing time please contact us at  304-534-7882.

Everyone else direct all questions to:

Nancy Williams Parks
Director of Advising & Assessment
245 Hardway Hall