Credit Hour(s)WV ResidentNon-ResidentNon-Resident Metro Rate
12 Hours$2,797$6,631$5,370
11 Hours$2,552$6,072$4,917
10 Hours$2,320$5,520$4,470
9 Hours$2,088$4,968$4,023
8 Hours$1,856$4,416$3,576
7 Hours$1,624$3,864$3,129
6 Hours$1,392$3,312$2,682
5 Hours$1,160$2,760$2,235
4 Hours$928$2,208$1,788
3 Hours$696$1,656$1,341
2 Hours$464$1,104$894
1 Hour$232$552$447
*Metro Rate tuition is applied to non-residents living in Greene and Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and Garrett County, Maryland.
*NOTE: Rates on each of Pierpont’s campuses may differ. Rate shown is highest rate possible.

Special Fees (Non-Refundable) Applicable to All Students

New Student Fee$130.00
Technology Fee$200.00

Other Fees – Applies as Appropriate

Board of Governor’s Portfolio Evaluation$300.00
Cashed Check Copy Fee$15.00
Check Stop Payment Fee$25.00
Competitive Programs Application Fee$20.00
Credit Conversion Fee (per credit)$22.00
Credit for Life Experience Evaluation$300.00
Diploma Replacement$25.00
Dual Enrollment Fee (per credit hour)$25.00
E-Learning Course Fee (per credit hour)$50.00
Excess Course Withdrawal Fee (assessed per course after 4 course withdrawals)$50.00
ID Card Replacement Fee$20.00
Late Payment Fee$50.00
Late Registration Fee$50.00
Occupational Develop/Tech Studies Degree Evaluation Fee$150.00
Off-Campus Instruction Fee (per credit hour up to $256 maximum)$22.00
Placement Credential Fee$3.00
Priority Transcript Fee$9.00
Reinstatement Fee$25.00
Returned Check Fee$15.00
Special Examinations for course credit (per credit hour)$22.00
Senior Citizens Audit Fee (per credit hour)$22.00
Violation of Tobacco Free Campus Policy – 2nd Offense$50.00
Violation of Tobacco Free Campus Policy – 3rd Offense$100.00
Voided Check Fee (physically holding the check)$10.00
Pierpont Facilities Fee *$151.00
Pierpont Facilities Fee II *$29.00

Program Specific Fees

The following fees are course and/or program of study specific fees that occur each semester unless otherwise stated. They only apply if the student is enrolled in the specific program of study or enrolled in a course where the fee is appropriate.

CTC Materials Fee (per course)$25.00
Math Lab Fee (per course)$55.00

School of General Education and Professional Studies

MajorPer Credit HourFull Time-12 Credit Hours
Criminal Justice (AAS)$19.00$225
Early Childhood (AAS)$23.00$275
Food Service Management (AAS)$25.00$300
Interpreter Training Program (AAS)$28.00$335
Liberal Studies (AA)$15.00$175
Paralegal Studies (AAS)$23.00$275
Board of Governors$15.00$175

School of Health Sciences

MajorPer Credit HourFull Time-12 Credit Hours
Emergency Medical Services (AAS & CAS)$28.00$325
Health Careers (AAS)$16.00$185
Health Information Technology (AAS)$16.00$185
Laboratory Assistant (CAS)$16.00$185
Licensed Practical Nursing (CAS)$16.00$185
Medical Laboratory Technology (AAS)$16.00$185
Radiologic  Technology (AAS)$16.00$185
Respiratory Care (AAS)$16.00$185
Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS)$16.00$185
Veterinary Technology (AAS & CAS)$16.00$185
Electronic Health Records Specialist (Adv. Skill Set)$16.00$185
Medical Billing and Coding (Adv. Skill Set & CAS)$16.00$185

School of Business, Aviation & Technology

MajorPer Credit HourFull Time-12 Credit Hours
Advanced Welding (AAS)$30.00$350
Applied Design (AAS)$19.00$225
Applied Process Technology (AAS)$30.00$350
Aviation Maintenance Technology (AAS)$34.00$400
Business (AAS)$19.00$225
Drafting/Design Engineering Technology (AAS)$19.00$225
Electric Utility Technology (AAS)$30.00$350
Graphics Technology (AAS)$19.00$225
Information Systems (AAS)$19.00$225
Petroleum Technology (AAS)$30.00$350
Airframe Technology (CAS)$34.00$400
Avionics (CAS)$34.00$400
Cyber Security (CAS)$19.00$225
Powerplant Technology (CAS)$34.00$400
Technical Drafting (CAS)$19.00$225

Refund Policy for Tuition and Fees

Students who withdraw from ALL classes shall receive a refund of fees, excluding special fees, in accordance with the following schedule. Refunds are determined from the first day of the school term. The student’s official withdrawal date is certified by the Student/Enrollment Services. Students who have paid in advance and cancel schedules prior to the first day of classes will receive full refunds. Students who do not officially withdraw from all classes after Late Registration (add/drop week) will not be eligible for any refund of tuition and fees. A withdrawal fee may be charged, not to exceed 5% of the total student fees charged for the term may be charged, or $100.00 whichever is less. Return of Title IV funds may reduce the tuition and fee refund resulting in the student owing a balance to the institution. The institution is responsible for notifying the student and recovering the funds.



Complete withdrawal during first and second weeks90% Refund
Complete withdrawal during third and fourth weeks75% Refund
Complete withdrawal during fifth and eighth weeks50% Refund
Complete withdrawal after the eighth weekNo Refund


Complete withdrawal during the first week90% Refund
Complete withdrawal during the second week75% Refund
Complete withdrawal during the third and fourth weeks50% Refund
Complete withdrawal after the fourth weekNo Refund


Complete withdrawal during the first three days of classes90% Refund
Complete withdrawal during the fourth through fifth day of classes75% Refund
Complete withdrawal during the sixth through tenth day of classes50% Refund
Complete withdrawal after the tenth day of classesNo Refund