Faculty Forms

Form Name File Description
Promotion Cover sheet print & sign
Promotion Peer Evaluation print & sign
Promotion Dean Evaluation print & sign
Promotion Application print & sign
Promotion Senior Level print & sign
Promotion Promotion Directions Please send all portfolios to the Academic Affairs Office print & sign
Sabbatical Application & Directions Sabbatical print, sign, notarize
Curriculum Proposals Registrars and Assessment form print & sign
Curriculum Curriculum Proposal Directions and form (2021) print & sign
Curriculum Flow of Proposals Directions
Curriculum Course Substitution form updated 2015 print & sign
Credit Overload form Credit Overload Approval Form print, fill in, sign
PR/CR form Prerequisite Form print, fill in, sign
annual eval

2017-18 annual faculty eval form
2016-17 annual faculty eval form
2015-16 annual faculty eval form
2014-15 annual faculty eval form

print & sign
annual eval Adjunct faculty eval form updated 2016 print and fill in
5 yr review 5 year program review template download & fill in
3 yr Audit 3 year program audit review template download & fill in
Gen Ed templates Gen Ed Templates download
Gen Ed progress Gen Ed Concrete Course Selections download
Gen Ed Assessment Assessment of Gen Ed Outcomes Form download/fill out/submit
Skill Set Skill Set Completion Form download/sign/attach transcript with CRNs
Advanced Skill set Advanced Skill Set Completion Form download/sign/attach transcript with CRNs
Syllabus Template Syllabus Template (course Coordinators) updated 07/01/2021 Coordinators download fill in and roll out to all faculty in sections course
Syllabus Institutional Statements Syllabus: Institutional Statements updated 1/15/2018 Link and/or copy for use in all syllabus
Social Media Recommendations Social Media Usage Recommendations Download
IRB Form Institutional Research Board form Download and complete
Academic Misconduct Form Academic Misconduct form 2015 download/fill out/submit
Complaint Form Complaint Form download/fill out/submit
SARA Complaint Form SARA Student Complaint System  
Faculty Workload Form Faculty Workload Form Download/Print, Fill in, Submit
Confidentiality Form Confidentiality Form Fill-in, print, submit
Add/Override Course Override Form

Microsoft Form, fill out/submit

Room Reservation Room Reservation Request Form Microsoft Form, fill out
Class Cancellation Form Class Cancellation Form download/fill out
Class Schedule Update Class Schedule Update Form Microsoft Form, fill out
Articulation of Credit Form Articulation of Credit Form Download/Fill Out