Information Technology


Encompasses all libraries and library resources available on the main campus in Fairmont, as well as satellite campuses in Clarksburg and outlying areas.
Thelma Hutchins, Director
Application Services
Application Services is charged with maintaining the technical and integration aspects of administrative systems, as well as data assurance.  These systems include the Student Information Systems, ARGOS Data Reporting System, while maintaining integration between these systems and others on campus.

Pierpont Helpdesk

Primary end-user support for students/faculty/staff (desktops, labs), as well as providing multi-media and classroom technologies. Pierpont Helpdesk also provides direct support to faculty in leveraging innovation and operational use of systems in the classroom.

Networks, Servers and Security

Responsible for the management of the IT infrastructure, including the Pierpont C&TC data center, all servers, backups, security, network and bandwidth management, connectivity, and telecommunications (voice and data).
Our work is also supported by an executive secretary and more than 3 additional employees in the areas above.
An Information Technology Advisory Committee of faculty, administrators, and other campus stakeholders provides regular feedback on our operations.