Nancy W. Parks
Director of Advising, Assessment and Testing
Board of Governor Program Advisor
207 Jaynes Hall
(304) 367-4990

Assessment of academic program areas is an on-going activity of the institution. To help Pierpont assess the effectiveness of our academic programs and individual courses, students are required to participate in various assessment projects throughout their academic program. All students who are graduating in a career/technical field will be required to participate in an end-of-program assessment as determined by the individual programs. All Title IV eligible program graduates will participate in end of program assessment that includes national certification, national region or state approved program based on examinations beginning in Spring 2012.     Students who have applied for graduation will be referred to testing by their program area faculty. Students will receive official results soon after graduation as to their performance. These program assessment results serve to inform faculty and administrators of any necessary revisions to program curricula. The ultimate goal of these graduation assessments is to ensure that Pierpont Community & Technical College graduates remain competitive in the workplace and in their other higher education pursuits.

Please contact the Director of Assessment, Pierpont C&TC with any questions, as to the particular program assessments in individual academic majors.