Branding Standards and Pierpont in Copy

When done thoughtfully and strategically, an entity’s brand is carefully designed to promote its unique features from the collective perspective of its stakeholders.
Unified branding enhances the coordination of Pierpont’s marketing and communications efforts, helping it convey a professional and positive image to our valued constituencies.
Consistent use of Pierpont’s branding promotes reliable identity recognition in a crowded higher education marketplace where the college must compete for students, faculty and funding resources.
In copy, the first instance of the institution’s name shall be written as:
“Pierpont Community & Technical College”
*Note the ampersand “&” connecting Community & Technical College.

The second and subsequent references may be written as either:
or “Pierpont C&TC”
In all instances, the following written identifiers for Pierpont should be avoided.
“Pierpont Community and Technical College”

Pierpont Tagline
Pierpont’s official tagline is: Practical…Possible…Pierpont
The tagline is always written in Lucida Handwriting, a font available in most MS Office and Adobe applications.
Practical & Possible should by followed by an ellipsis (three consecutive periods).