How to Publicize your Event

Event Publicity
Timing is everything when planning your event. To increase your chances for a successful turnout, begin the planning process early and develop a marketing and communications plan to guide your promotional efforts. And remember that advertising doesn’t always take a big budget as there are several free or low-cost ways to promote your event on-campus and to the local community. Please notify the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at least 30 days in advance.
Local Community
Local Media Coverage: If your event is open to the local community, you will want to get coverage in local media. Events can be included in community calendars, and if the event is unusual or especially newsworthy, it might be picked up for expanded coverage by a media outlet (radio, TV, newspaper, social media). You can increase your chances of the news media picking up your story by doing the following:
*Provide comprehensive information about your news item, including the crucial What, When, Where, Why and How.
*List a contact name, phone and email address.
*Provide a high-resolution photo along with your information, if possible.
*Consider providing local radio stations with tickets for your event as promotional giveaways/prizes if the event is a good fit for the station's audience. Assemble a list of local media (TV, radio, print) to contact.