ATC Directory

First Name Last Name Center for Workforce Education E-mail Office Phone
    Center For Workforce Education     304-367-4920
Tracey Kennedy Program Manager 200C 304-534-7886
    School of Business, Aviation, and Technology      
Lynn Ebbert Administrative Assistant 200I 304-534-7888
Doug Furr Coordinator/Instructor, Applied Process Technology 217B 304-367-4911
Jhaye Jones Coordinator/Instructor, Electric Utility Technology (Power Systems Institute) 221B 304-367-4931
Mitchell Jordan Instructor, Applied Process Technology 218B 304-333-3685
Travis Miller Assistant Professor/Director of ATC 200M 304-366-8912
Nathan Rakestraw Coordinator/Instructor, Petroleum Technology 223B 304-534-7807
Jack Lowe Welding Instructor 215C  
Joseph Filchock Energy Instructor 219B  
    Testing Center      
    Testing Center     304-368-7254
Lauren Huffman ATC Testing Center 206 304-534-7882
    Executive Offices      
Johnny Moore President of Pierpont C&TC 201C 304-367-4933
Cyndee Sensibaugh Executive Assistant to the President 201D 304-367-4933
Vicki Hedrick Executive Assistant 200H 304-367-4692
Stephen Leach VP-Organization & Development/HR Resources EEO 200L 304-367-4851
Michael  Waide Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs 200G 304-367-4284
    School of Health Sciences      
Hollie Brown Clinical Director/Assistant Professor, Respiratory Care 116M 304-367-4876
Casey Conway Coordinator/Assistant Professor, LPN Program 105 304-333-3734
Sherri Craddock Assistant Professor, Medical Laboratory Technology/Laboratory Assistant 102 304-333-3634
Amy Cunningham Coordinator/Professor, Health Information Technology, Medical Administrative Assistant Skill Set 116K 304-367-4764
Leah Ellyson Program Assistant II, School of Health Sciences 200O 304-367-4596
Vickie Findley Dean School of Health Sciences, Professor, Health Sciences Coordinator, Health Information Technology 116L 304-367-4716
Stephanie Newbrough Clinical Coordinator/Assistant Professor, Health Information Technology 116L 304-367-4201
Glenna Pirner Assistant Professor, Anatomy & Physiology 116J 304-534-7732
Tina Sager Assistant Professor, Anatomy and Physiology 116Q 304-534-7732
Mary Tohidi Associate Professor of Chemestry 116Q 304-534-7860
Erika Rush Assistant Professor, Medical Laboratory Technology 101 304-333-3624
Michael Walls Director/Associate Professor, Respiratory Care 116N 304-367-4874
Melissa White Assistant Professor, Medical Laboratory Technology 104 304-367-4790
    General Education      
Martina Bachlechner Coordinator/Professor, Physics and STREAM 116H 304-367-4862
Jennifer Ellison Coordinator/Assistant Professor, Mathematics 116P 304-367-4879
    Advanced Technology Center      
Chip Hawkins Maintenance Manager 200E 304-534-7124
    Counseling and Disability Services      
Suzan Clemens Licensed Psychologist WV #1136 121/A 304-367-4073