Veteran Certification Information Card

Student R number

In order to be certified with the VA, you must complete this certification form every semester. Change in dependent status must be reported directly to the VA Regional Office in Huntington, WV. By confirming below and submitting this form, you agree to the following : "I understand that any changes in my educational status, i.e. a drop in credit hours, withdrawal from college, suspension, or a change of program must be reported to the Pierpont Community & Technical College Veteran Certifying Official and the VA. I, also, understand I will be responsible for repaying to the VA any benefits received by myself or paid to the school on my behalf that I am no longer eligible for due to but not limited to the previously stated reasons." CAUTION: A student who willfully submits a false report to obtain benefits may be prosecuted, resulting in fines, imprisonment or both.


If you would like confirmation of receipt of the Veteran Certification Card, please email Veteran Affairs Representative at