General education outcomes lay a core foundation of learning and academic background for all Pierpont students and support specific degree programs by demonstrating a continual growth in student learning and knowledge.  Requirements may include specific general education courses, embedded course outcomes, or extracurricular experiences that are global or specified for each program of study.  In addition the outcomes reflect current national accreditation and WVCTCS recommendations.

Pierpont faculty are dedicated to supporting the mission of the College and promoting the skills and attitudes that every graduate should possess, thereby enriching the quality of life of our students, and promoting the economic growth of our service region and state.

Each program of study is responsible for determining the appropriate platform for delivery of general education outcomes (specific courses broad in nature, embedded outcomes, extracurricular experiences) and establishing assessment measures and improvement plans to benefit student learning in their discipline. The General Education Committee will be charged with evaluation of the quality and validity of the programmatic plans as related to student learning.