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Pierpont is in the process of migrating to a different campus portal product.  While this migration is progressing the single sign-on function is not available.  This means that to get to different services or locations you will be required to log on each time with your UCA and Password.  In regard to the various
links identified below; to access those services or locations you will need to follow the instructions in brackets [  ].  The instructions are listed in steps in the order of what to do with ">" meaning to proceed
to the next step. Please see the below example.

Example:  "Epay" [FELIX > "Student" Tab > "Payment Services" Tab].  When you click on the "Epay" quick
link you will be directed to the FELIX log in page.  Once logged into FELIX you will go into the "Student"
Tab and from the "Student" Tab into the 'Payment Services' link.


Epay [FELIX > "Student" tab > 'Payment Services']
Enrollment Verification [FELIX > "Student" tab > 'Class Scheduling' > 'Enrollment Verification']
Add/drop classes [FELIX > "Student" tab > 'Class Scheduling' > 'Add or Drop Classes']
Withdrawal [FELIX > "Student" tab > 'Class Scheduling' > 'Withdraw from the Institution']
Concise class schedule [FELIX > "Student" tab > 'Class Scheduling' > 'Concise Class Schedule']
Grades - Mid-term [FELIX > "Student" tab  > 'Student Records' > 'Midterm Grades']
Grades - Final [FELIX > "Student" tab > 'Student Records' > 'Final Grades']
Not Anymore [FELIX > "Student" tab > 'Not Anymore']


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Summary Class List [FELIX > "Faculty" tab > 'Summary Class List']
Grades – Mid-term [FELIX > "Faculty" tab > 'Grades - Mid-term']
Grades – Final [FELIX > "Faculty" tab > 'Grades - Final']
Registration Overrides [FELIX > "Faculty" tab > 'Registration Overrides']
Room Usage [FELIX > "Faculty" tab > 'Room Usage']
Academic Transcript [FELIX > "Faculty" tab > 'Academic Transcript']
Registration History [FELIX > "Faculty" tab > 'Registration History']
Student Academic Transcript - by Term [FELIX > "Faculty" tab > 'Student Academic Transcript - by Term']
Student Academic Transcript - by Subject [FELIX > "Faculty" tab > 'Student Academic Transcript - by Subject']
Student Test Scores [FELIX > "Faculty" tab > 'Student Test Scores']
Advisor Reports [FELIX > "Faculty" tab > 'Advisor Reports']
Dean Reports [FELIX > "Faculty" tab > 'Dean Reports']


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HR People Admin
Leave Balances [FELIX > "Employee" tab > 'Leave Balance']
Verify Personal Information [FELIX > "Personal Information" tab > 'Verify Personal Information']
Update E-mail Address(es) [FELIX > "Employee" tab > 'Update E-mail Address(es)']
Update Emergency Contacts [FELIX > "Employee" tab > 'Update Emergency Contacts']
Emergency Text Messaging [FELIX > "Employee" tab > 'Emergency Text Messaging']
Not Anymore [FELIX > "Employee" tab > 'Not Anymore']