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STRATEGIC VISION:  Pierpont will be a catalyst of energy and innovation that fosters tailored educational programs and services which improve the growth of the regional economy.

Pierpont Strategic Priorities 2015-2020

  • Focus the college community on student success
  • Strengthen academic excellence
  • Continuously improve the organization
  • Support business, industry & community partnerships

Priority: Continuously improve the organization

Goal: Strengthen institutional effectiveness and accountability

  • Attract diverse students to open and welcoming campuses
  • Engage all faculty and staff in student success
  • Increase participation in community engagement
  • Offer instruction through multiple delivery systems
Goal: Improve the physical and technological infrastructures
  • Share career opportunities and celebrate successes
  • Promote Pierpont Pride and Pierpont graduates
  • Increase retention activities
  • Feature individual programs

Priority: Focus the college community on student success

Goal: Be an engaged campus, integral to the community

  • Maintain programmatic and institutional accreditations
  • Promote continuous improvement in programs
  • Implement academic excellence initiatives
  • Engage faculty as Pierpont’s intellectual leaders
Goal: Foster student achievement
  • Increase student preparedness
  • Target underserved populations
  • Implement strategies that achieve a continuum of student success
  • Support enrolled students through structured services

Priority: Strengthen academic excellence

Goal: Ensure quality in curriculum and instruction

  • Ensure policies and procedures are effective and transparent
  • Improve accountability and ensure sound operations
  • Attract and retain qualified, diverse and dedicated employees
Goal: Enhance college readiness and retention
  • Optimize educational delivery systems and institutional support systems
  • Ensure the accuracy, security, and ease of use of the college’s website and data
  • Maximize use of physical facilities

Priority: Support business, industry & community partnerships

Goal: Structure programs to meet economic and workforce priorities

  • Increase experiential and work-based learning opportunities
  • Implement models to track and communicate opportunities, data, and resources
  • Create structured pathways for laddered education and technical skills
  • Implement new credit and non-credit programs to meet demand
Goal: Leverage engagement with partners
  • Develop and sustain relationships and opportunities
  • Conduct employer assessments
  • Invite collaboration for resources, learning, support, and services
  • Improve and foster Advisory Board participation