Programs A-Z

Annual notification - All career and technical education courses and programs are offered at Pierpont regardless of race, color national origin, gender or disability. (2016-17 academic year).


Associate Degree Programs (Associate in Applied Sciences (AAS) and Associate in Arts (AA) 

All programs are offered at physical locations see below for programs not offered at Locust Avenue

AMSL/Interpreter Education Program, AAS
Applied Design: Design Assistant, AAS
Applied Design: Fashion Merchandising, AAS
Applied Design: Interior Design, AAS
Applied Process Technology: Advanced Manufacturing, AAS
Applied Process Technology: Energy Systems Operator, AAS
Applied Process Technology: Instrumentation, AAS
Aviation Maintenance Technology, AAS
Board of Governors, AAS
Business: Accounting, AAS
Business: Business Management, AAS
Criminal Justice, AAS
Drafting / Design Engineering Technology, AAS
Early Childhood, AAS
Electric Utility Technician: Line Worker (PSI), AAS
Electric Utility Technician: Substation Electrician (PSI), AAS
Emergency Medical Services, AAS
Food Service Management: Culinary Arts, AAS
Food Service Management: Nutrition & Dietetics Technology, AAS
Food Service Management: Pastry & Baking Arts, AAS
Food Service Management: Hospitality & Tourism Management, AAS
Graphics Technology, AAS
Health Information Technology, AAS
Health Sciences, AAS
Information Systems Technology: Cyber Security, AAS
Information Systems Technology: Systems Specialist, AAS
Liberal Studies: General, AA
Liberal Studies: Pre-Social Work, AA
Liberal Studies: WVU-BA Pathways, AA
Medical Laboratory Technology, AAS
Occupational Development: Early Childhood Practitioner, AAS
Paralegal Studies, AAS
Paralegal Studies: Landwork, AAS
Petroleum Technology, AAS
Physical Therapist Assistant, AAS
Radiologic Technology: Technical Studies*, AAS
Respiratory Care, AAS 
Veterinary Technology, AAS

Certificate Of Applied Science Degrees (All programs are offered at physical locations see below for programs not offered at Locust Avenue)

Emergency Medical Services: Paramedic (CAS)
Food Service Management:  Culinary Arts (CAS)
Food Service Management:  Pastry & Baking Arts (CAS)
Food Service Management: Hospitality & Tourism (CAS)
Laboratory Assistant (CAS)
Licensed Practical Nursing: LPN (CAS)
Petroleum Technology (CAS)
Veterinary Assistant (CAS)

Skill Sets (not financial aid eligible unless completed within the appropriate major where the courses are imbedded)

Accounting Paraprofessional (Adv. Skill Set)
Business Management (Adv. Skill Set)
CAD Computer Aided Drafting/Design (Adv. Skill Set)
Classroom Teacher’s Aide (Skill Set)
Classroom Teaching Assistant (Adv. Skill Set)
Early Childhood Teacher’s Aide (Skill Set)
Early Childhood Teaching Assistant (Adv. Skill Set)
Electrocardiograph Technology (Adv. Skill Set)
Events Management (Adv. Skill Set)
Medical Administrative Assistant (Adv. Skill Set)
Phlebotomy (Adv. Skill Set)
ServSafe (Skill Set)

The following CAS and/or AAS programs/courses are only available at specified locations: Aviation Maintenance Technology (AAS) — Byrd National Aviation Center, Bridgeport; Emergency Medical Services (AAS and CAS) — Merchant Street, Fairmont; Laboratory Assistant (CAS) and Licensed Practical Nursing (CAS) — Braxton County Center, Sutton, and ATC, Fairmont; Radiologic Technology (AAS)— UHC, Clarksburg and WVU-Hospitals, Morgantown; Applied Process Technology (AAS), Electrical Utility Technology (AAS), Health Information Technology (AAS), Medical Laboratory Technology (AAS), Petroleum Technology (AAS), Respiratory Care (AAS) — ATC, Fairmont; Physical Therapy Assistant (AAS)— Caperton Center, Clarksburg.

All Certificate of Applied Science and Associate Degree majors, have the opportunity to complete some distance learning coursework. Liberal Studies majors may complete all coursework through distance learning.

Pierpont Locations (approximate) distances from Locust Avenue: ATC (Fairmont)- 5 miles, Braxton County - 72 miles, Byrd National Aviation Center (Bridgeport) - 20 miles, Caperton Center (Harrison County)- 22 miles,  Lewis County - 40 miles, Merchant Street - 2 miles, MTEC -  20 miles,  UHC - 17 miles, WVUH - 24 miles.