Aviation Administration

AVMA 1199

Studies in special selected topics, to be determined by the instructor and approved by the School Dean.  Credits earned will be applicable as free electives in associate and certificate of applied science degree programs. 

Special Topics in Aviation Administration

AVMA 1189

This course will be a guided experience for community college students to explore topics of interest in their field through research, field experience, presentation, computer applications, lab experience, or other project agreed upon between the student and the supervising faculty and is submitted to the dean in a written contract.

Guided Experience I VAR

AVMA 1109

This course is designed to provide the beginning student with a basic understanding of the principles and methodology of Air Rescue and Fire Fighting in aircraft incidents both on and off the airfield. It reviews the physics of fire and the different types of fires that are extinguished during the first responders handling of different aircraft emergencies. The student will be able to identify the different types of firefighting retardants and the correct application of each.

Air Rescue Fire Fighting

AVMA 1100

A study of the subject areas and information needed to operate as a private pilot in the aviation environment.

Aircraft Flight Theory