Business Administration

BUSN 2300

This course emphasizes business and consumer applications within the framework of federal, state, and local laws, and discusses the impact of globalization. Students will examine the differences between civil and criminal law, and the emerging influence of technology and the Internet. The relationship of law and ethics, due process, contract law, court systems, and methods of dispute resolution will also be covered. Analysis of relevant cases and current issues in the law will be incorporated.

Legal Aspects of Business

BUSN 2299

This course will provide an opportunity for students to further their study of principles and concepts in the field and to apply their knowledge in a variety of application both in the traditional classroom setting and in work/job related experiences. The class will be an individualized, arranged course, with learning outcomes determined by the instructor in consultation with the student and permission of the School Dean.

Special Topics in Business Administration

BUSN 2995

Integrated Business Strategies is an experiential, integrated business simulation. The course provides students with a capstone experience of cross-disciplinary business knowledge and skills essential to succeed in today’s global economy. It also provides a cornerstone for further experience and education in the business field. In a simulated environment, students work in teams to manage and coordinate corporate strategies across all functional areas of a company: research and development, marketing, production, finance, human resources, and total quality management.

Integrated Business Strategies

BUSN 2289

This course will be an advanced guided experience for community college students to explore topics of interest in their field through research, field experience, presentation, computer applications, lab experience, or other project agreed upon between the student and the supervising faculty and is submitted to the dean in a written contract.

Guided Experience II

BUSN 2251

This course focuses on the foundations of communication in the business world. The content includes verbal and nonverbal communication skills; interpersonal communication; business English/grammar, editing and proofreading; effective business document composition, including letters, memos, and email messages; business report preparation; and business presentations.

Corporate Communications