Veterinary Technology

VETT 1116

The students will study and apply radiographic procedures, basic bandaging and external fixation techniques, surgical nursing, instrument and equipment care, and application of veterinary anesthesiology. The pharmacology of veterinary preanesthetics and anesthetics will be covered. Necropsy and tissue sampling techniques will be practiced.

Clinical Procedures

VETT 1115

Students in the Veterinary Technology Program will be introduced to the basic restraint and handling techniques of dogs and cats. Students will learn about animal behavior and the human-animal bond; as well as animal and human communication. Introductory techniques will be taught and performed as well as providing the students with hands-on instruction with program animals. Hospital design and practice management are also addresses.

Clinical Techniques

VETT 1113

This course will introduce the student to the field of Veterinary Technology. The history of veterinary medicine, the origin of veterinary technology, advancements in the field of laws and ethics will be discussed. During the second portion of this course, the student will learn the groups of dogs, the common breeds of dogs and cats, behaviors and genetic predispositions to diseases, and how to choose a pet. Breed standards and pet shows will also be presented.

Introduction to Veterinary Technology