In addition to tracking graduate outcome progress across the curriculum, General Education course completion, or the equivalent, is expected for all degree and certificate programs.

Statewide Minimum Requirements
for Credit Hours of General Education

Degree / Certificate Credit Hours
Associate of Arts 24
Associate of Science 24
Associate of Applied Science 15
Certificate of Applied Science 6*


Check Core Transfer List for State General Education:

Courses Identified to Meet General Education Outcomes at Benchmark Level

General Education Essentials
Skill / Suggested Coursework
Required Credits
Communication Sub-
ENGL 10051 Written English for Industry 3 CHs Written & Oral
ENGL 1104 Written English I 3 CHs Written
ENGL 1108 Written English II 3 CHs Written
ENGL 1109 Technical Report Writing 3 CHs Written & Oral
COMM 2200 Intro to Human Communications 3 CHs Oral
COMM 2200 Intro to Human Communications 3 CHs Oral
Technical Literacy
INFO 11001 Computer Concepts 3 CHs
INTR 2200 Race, Class & Gender 3 CHs
HUMN 2200 Bridging Cultures, A Global Workforce Perspective 3 CHs
MATH 10031 Applied Math for Industry 3 CHs
MATH 11002 Intermediate Algebra 3 CHs
MATH 11012 Applied Technical Mathematics I 3 CHs
MATH 1106 Applied Math in Health Careers 3 CHs
MATH 1107 Fundamental Concepts of Math 3 CHs