This program is designed to prepare students for employment in the upstream and midstream segments of the oil and gas industry. The program includes 60 credit hours of study, 18 of which are general education courses and 42 are specific to the petroleum industry. The curriculum focuses on the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are required for success in technician-level jobs within the upstream and midstream segments of the petroleum industry.


Joseph Filchock

Along with their degree and certificate, students will earn safety cards in OSHA 30 Card, SafeLand Rigpass Card, and First Aid Certificate.

West Virginia is situated in the middle of one of the largest reserves of natural gas in the world, giving plenty of potential career opportunities to graduates!

This program offers a variety of hands-on training, preparing students for their real-world careers.

Career Opportunites

With a degree in one our Petroleum Technology, students can begin an exciting career in a variety of fields, including: 

  • Field Operator
  • Process Operator
  • Lease Operator


Median Salary Two Years After Graduation

*WV Workforce Outcomes

Course Catalog

To see a model schedule for this program, please see our academic catalog.


This program offers a certificate degree program (CAS) in Petroleum Technology.


Pierpont is an open enrollment institution. Only a standard Pierpont application is needed for this program.