Office of Student Success and Completion

The mission of the Office of Student Success & Completion of Pierpont Community & Technical College is to provide personalized, ongoing intentional interactions with students from orientation through graduation.  The Office of Student Success & Completion supports Pierpont students by facilitating student connections with the institutional community, orchestrating cross-campus collaboration, and promoting academic achievement, and dedication to program completion. 

The primary goal of the Office of Student Success & Completion is to work with students individually and assist in a success plan to aid in overcoming any barrier to college success. To ensure that students take full advantage of student services and educational opportunities, the Office has implemented a student success program supported by an Early Alert System.  The system allows faculty as well as students to be proactive and involved in facilitating the academic components of student persistence through early detection and intervention.

What constitutes an Early Alert?

  • Poor Attendance
  • Tardiness
  • Low Scores On Assignments and/or Test
  • Not Submitting Homework
  • Not Logging-In to Blackboard
  • A Change in Demeanor (Attitude, Behavior, Poor Participation, and Engagement in Class)
  • Knowledge of Personal Barriers (Death in Family, Finances, etc.)

The Office of Student Success & Completion provides services to students that ensures support for their unique needs.  Examples of support provided by the Office are success strategies workshops, course registration, connections with campus resources, and personalized ongoing interactions with students by phone, email, individual appointments, and walk-in meetings.

For more information, contact the Director of Student Success & Completion at (304) 367-4854.


Memori Dobbs
Director of Student Success and Completion
P: 304-367-4854