Students enrolling in a West Virginia public institution of higher education shall be classified as resident or nonresident for admission, tuition and fee purposes by the institutional officer designated by the President. The decision shall be based upon information furnished by the student and all other relevant information. The designated officer is authorized to require such written documents, affidavits, verifications, or other evidence as are deemed necessary to establish the domicile of a student. The burden of establishing residency for tuition and fee purposes is upon the student.

If there is a question as to residence, the matter must be brought to the attention of the designated officer and acted upon at least two weeks prior to registration and payment of tuition and fees. Students found to have made false or misleading statements concerning their residence shall be subject to disciplinary action and will be charged the nonresident fees for each session therefore attended.

Students requesting residency reclassification must submit the application complete with 2 personal statements and all documentation to the Registrar.