Welcome to Pierpont! We’re so thrilled that we’ll be part of your educational journey.

After being admitted, your next steps to become an official Pierpont student are:

  1. Online Orientation will introduce you to our college, help you become familiar with institutional policies and procedures, and tell you all about the resources available to help you be successful in your college career. Complete the Online Orientation. To login to the orientation modules you will need to create an account with your student ID number (R00…) this can be found on your acceptance letter or by calling 304-367-4907.
  2. Sign-up For Registration Sessions: Students can schedule a Registration Session to meet with an advisor and schedule classes at their convenience. Registration Sessions can be done over the phone or via Zoom Video Conference. Email admit@pierpont.edu to set up an appointment.
  3. Check your ROAR account to ensure you are registered for courses.
  4. Get prepared for your courses: order your books.