Evan Chapman - Class of 2009

Evan Chapman, graduate of the Graphics Technology program, is the owner and operator of the wildly popular Loving WV brand. 

What has become a state-wide phenomenon, Loving WV encapcilates what makes West Virginia special and why its inhabitants show off their roots with pride. 

Chapman chose to attend Pierpont because of the high-quality education at an affordable rate. 

“College is seen as an expensive investment, and it is to some extent, but I think that attending
Pierpont, where the cost of tuition is lower, is a good way to get your feet underneath you and try and figure out what it is you want to do for the rest of your life.”

Amanda Stevens - Class of 2014

Amanda Stevens, graduate of the Applied Design program, is the owner and operator of A&K Clothing located at the Middletown Commons in White Hall, WV. 

Stevens, who had always had an interest in fashion, decided to pursue her degree and build her career. 

“I was drawn to the exclusivity and smaller classes that the [Applied Design] program offered,” said Stevens. “I loved how you’re able to learn while working side-byside with your professor.”

Rachael Herrera

Rachael Herrera, graduate of the award-winning Food Service Management program, is the owner and operator of the Lunchbox food truck. 

An award-winning food truck, Herrera decided to attend Pierpont due to its reputation and proximity to home. 

“My initial reaction when deciding to go to culinary school was to go to a big city. After I realized that Pierpont is nationally recognized for its culinary program, within the top 10 in the country, I decided that I wanted to go there.”

Adam Bell - Class of 2009

Adam Bell, a graduate of Pierpont’s Emergency Medical Services program, became a critical care paramedic for many years before continuing his education in nursing.

Now a registered nurse in the emergency department at the Mon Health Marion Neighborhood Hospital, Bell chose Pierpont due to the intimacy of the classrooms.

“I chose Pierpont because I knew the classes were smaller and I would receive individual attention that usually isn’t attainable at larger institutions.”

Welding student Ariel Mallow wearing welding shield and protective gloves

Ariel Mallow - Class of 2022

Ariel Mallow is a member of the 2022 Pierpont Advanced Welding class, which is the first graduating class of the program! Mallow came to Pierpont from Elkins, WV. She chose Pierpont to gain more knowledge in the welding field and to be prepared for any situation.

“This program has shown me how to take pride in my work, work hard for everything it throws at you and never give up on your dream,” said Mallow. “Jack Lowe (welding program coordinator) has been a great mentor and one of the many parts of my success.