What is WV Works?

WV WORKS is a federal assistance program that provides monthly cash assistance to families who qualify. Individuals who receive WV WORKS are parents who are seeking job training. Pierpont qualifies as job training, meaning that our student-parents could be paid to go to school!

How do I get started?

Connect with Pierpont’s DHHR Coordinator who will give you information specific to your county and help get you started. If you are eligible, which is determined by DHHR, the next step is to complete an intake with Pierpont’s WV WORKS Coordinator to begin receiving assistance through Pierpont’s WV WORKS Program. The sooner, the better!

Jama Marshall Roy
Pierpont DHHR Student Services Coordinator
Email: jmarshall16@pierpont.edu

During the intake, Pierpont’s DHHR Coordinator will have you complete an agreement form that helps you understand what Pierpont’s WV WORKS Program requires of you as a participant. The coordinator will assess and assist in completing outstanding tasks that you may have, including applying to Pierpont, filling out the FAFSA, connecting with Financial Aid, sending in transcripts, and more. The coordinator will give you information about Pierpont’s WV WORKS Boot Camp that you must complete as a requirement by the DHHR. The Boot Camp is made up of 9 modules to help you successfully complete your classes. You will also receive information about Pierpont’s other Support Services and set up appointments if desired.

If you are already receiving WV WORKS, great! Be sure that you have connected with Pierpont’s DHHR Student Services Coordinator and that you are working to complete the Boot Camp modules.

Can I receive WV Works if I am pregnant?

Yes! You can start receiving WV WORKS while you are pregnant.

Check out Pierpont’s FAQs for Students Who are Pregnant for information about resources and options you have during your pregnancy while enrolled at Pierpont.

What if I don't qualify?

If you don’t qualify, Pierpont still has opportunities and resources for parents who may not qualify for WV WORKS. Connect with Support Services for more information.

Check out Pierpont’s Parents’ Place for free resources, including children’s activities, parental education, and more!

You can also join the Pierpont’s Parents’ Facebook Group to connect with other student-parents!

Pierpont Support Services

County Contact Info

P: 304-457-9030

49 Mattaliano Drive
Philippi, WV 26416

P: 304-765-7344

3708 Sutton Lane
Sutton, WV 26601

P: 304-354-6118

85 Industrial Park Road
Grantsville, WV 26147

P: 304-873-2031

22 Herbert Avenue
Smithburg, WV 26436

P: 304-462-0412

1493 WV Highway 5, East
Glenville, WV 26351

P: 304-627-2295

153 West Main Street, Suite D
Clarksburg, WV 26301

P: 304-269-6820

91 Arnold Drive
Weston, WV 26452

P: 304-368-4420

416 Adams Street, Suite 307
Fairmont, WV 26554

P: 304-285-3175

114 S. High Street
Morgantown, WV 26507

P: 304-329-4340

18351 Veteran’s Mem Hwy
Kingwood, WV 26537

P: 304-637-5560

1027 N. Randolph Avenue
Elkins, WV 26241

P: 304-265-6103

235 Barrett Street
Grafton, WV 26354

P: 304-473-4230

34 Auction Lane
Buckhannon, WV 26201