Pierpont proudly offers the transformative opportunity of college classes for middle school and high school students. As the community college serving North Central West Virginia, we support the public and private secondary schools in our thirteen-county service region, WV Virtual Academy, and home school families in WV and out-of-state.

At Pierpont, dual enrollment students can choose a pathway that organizes their courses into meaningful skill sets and career focused programming.

Pierpont College Academy’s premier program—One Walk, Two Degrees—supports students in earning a complete associate degree while in high school. This program maximizes career focused electives creating pathways to careers and industries that are in high-demand, such as nursing, aviation maintenance, sign language interpretation, and paralegal studies.


Dr. Joni Gray

courses can be online/in-person with Pierpont Faculty or in-person at your home high school.

All online classes are asynchronous.

Pierpont’s College Academy is offered throughout much of Pierpont’s 13-county service region and bordering Pennsylvania counties.

The US Department of Education (2022) describes dual enrollment as a program strategy they are “committed to strengthening and expanding” and they have identified it as “one of four core student-centered pillars” in their career pathways initiative.


Pierpont’s dual credit programs offer students an affordable option to get a jump start on furthering their educations. 

  • $25/Credit Hour
  • West Virginia HOPE Scholarship Service Provider

How to participate* in the WV Pilot Dual Credit Funding Opportunity:

1. Submit a complete Pierpont application with no missing data—be sure to include your social security number, high school, graduation date, and all other requested application information.

2. Choose a pathway interest that has been approved by the state. These currently include:

  • Aviation Maintenance
  • ASL/Interpreter
  • Early Childhood/Teaching
  • Health Science/Nursing
  • Paralegal
  • Social Work

All dual credit courses within a pathway are eligible for dual credit funding, and as long as the funding lasts.

Note: dual credit participants can change their pathway interest.

3. Complete and submit a registration form prior to the first day of each term.

* Pierpont reserves the right to reevaluate the institution’s criteria for state dual credit pilot funding distribution as needed. These criteria outline the structure and requirements for disbursement as long as these funds are available for distribution.


Projected cost to complete 
Associate’s Degree with
Pierpont College Academy

Pierpont College Academy Pathways

Pierpont College Academy allows high school students to customize programming, build credentials and even earn the complete One Walk, Two Degrees associate degree.

Choose your pathway:


  • High school students and approved middle school students are guaranteed admission to dual enrollment courses, programs and pathways.
  • Pierpont does not restrict participation based on GPA requirements, high school grade level, or in-state residency.
  • Students will reapply for admission every academic year. An academic year runs from fall and winter terms through spring and summer terms.

To participate:

  1. Apply to Pierpont by selecting “dual enrollment high school student” as your program and identifying the term you wish to begin taking classes.
  2. Connect with our dual enrollment office and/or your high school counseling team.
  3. Complete a registration form for the courses you are interested in taking.
  4. Return the signed registration form to: dualenrollment@pierpont.edu

Applicants: consider completing a FERPA consent form. This form grants your parents/guardians permission to access your student account and records.