When it comes to studying, we all need an extra push sometimes to get us motivated. Fortunately, Pierpont offers tutoring to all full-time and part-time students. And the best part? It’s free!

Each semester, peer tutoring is available for most general required courses and for a variety of other courses. Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for additional support services. We encourage students to request tutoring for extra academic support — especially if they are in danger of failing a class.

In-Person Tutoring

Pierpont offers in-person tutoring with both peers and professionals. Students can take advantage of in-person tutoring at the Advanced Technology Center.

Online Tutoring

Pierpont offers online tutoring through both Microsoft Teams and Blackboard/Tutor.com. Chat with a tutor on a variety of subjects to get the help you need online. 

Code of Ethics

…from Put the Pencil Down by Marcia Toms

  1. Philosophy: Tutors will act in the best interest of their students.
  2. Responsibility: Tutors will take responsibility for their own behavior.
  3. Integrity: Tutors will follow the Academic Integrity and Academic Dishonesty Policies for our institutions.
  4. Respect: Tutors will respect individual differences and will respect cultural, individual, and role differences.
  5. Excellence: Tutors will strive for excellence by continuing to improve their skills.
  6. Professionalism: Tutors will remember that they are role models and will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.


Jeff Noel
Director of Tutorial Services
Phone: (304) 333-3769
Email: Jeffrey.Noel@Pierpont.edu