Students with approved testing accommodations can schedule their exams to be proctored in the Disability Services’ office. It is the student’s responsibility to contact our office to schedule their test.  

Exception- See Pop Quizzes below.  A test should be scheduled no less than five (5) business days prior to the test date. While we will attempt to schedule testing at the desired time, personnel availability may require some flexibility.

The completed test will be returned to instructor by email unless other arrangements are made.

Please use the form below to submit exams to be proctored by our office.  Thank you!


  • Under “Special Instructions” on the form below, please enter ALL of the information that you will be providing the students who are taking the test in your classroom, including any information that clarifies how the test is to be taken or scored, any information about all/specific questions, any passwords to access online exams, etc. The student who is having her/his test proctored has the right to receive the same information as all of the other students taking the test in your classroom.
  • If you answer questions about the exam from students during your exam, under “Special Instructions” on the form below, please include a way for the student to contact you during the administration of the proctored exam in the event s/he has questions. If you are answering questions during tests for other students, this student whose test is being proctored also has the right to ask questions.
  • POP QUIZZES: If this is a pop quiz, indicate this. It is the instructor’s responsibility to schedule the test for the student and to privately inform the student that there is a quiz and that arrangements were made for the student to take the quiz at Disability Services.

If you have any questions, please contact our office. We are here to help you!

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