This process is to be used for issues and concerns regarding the provision of classroom and/or testing accommodations for persons with disabilities.

If the student is unable to complete this form or has questions about the process, they can contact the Office of Counseling & Disability Services at 304-534-7878, or stop by the office at 121 Advanced Technology Center, or email the Office at

Academic issues, separate from accommodations, are to be resolved with the instructor and/or the instructor’s appropriate immediate supervisor (ex., department dean).

To use this process, the student MUST be registered with disability services and MUST have informed their instructor(s) about their disabilities prior to experiencing the accommodation issues.  

If the student has not registered with the Office of Disability Services and required documentation of the student’s disability has not been received by that Office, or the student has not provided the instructor in question with an accommodation letter, no further action will be taken. 

To Make the Complaint

  • The student should make an appointment with the Director of Support Services/Disability Services to discuss the complaint and possible resolutions before or after filing the complaint or if they need help in filing the complaint.
  • The accommodation-related concern should be filed in writing, including the name of the faculty/staff and the nature of the complaint, within 30 (thirty) days of the alleged violation. (Use the form below)
  • The Office of Disability Services will review the complaint and any documentation related to the complaint and respond to the student in writing within 30 (thirty) days of receiving the complaint.
  • Any timeliness established in these procedures may be waived by mutual written consent.

** NOTE: Nothing in this procedure prevents individuals who believe that they have a grievance under the ADA from contacting the West Virginia Human Rights Commission, Equal Opportunity Commission or the U.S. Department of Justice.

Report Disability Accommodation Issues

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