About the PRIDE Academy

The PRIDE (Pierpont Rapid Intellectual Disabilities Education) Academy provides life skills to adults with intellectual disabilities.

Student Requirements:

  • Potential students must be self-mobile. They must be able to communicate their needs appropriately. They must be able to take care of personal hygiene and medical needs independently during the school day.
  • The PRIDE Academy is a 1+1 program in which students can attend one year for life skills and return for a second year for additional vocational skills if deemed necessary.
  • Classes are Monday-Thursday, from September-May. Students attend classes 2 days per week from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • The PRIDE Academy is located at Pierpont’s Gaston Caperton Center in Clarksburg, WV.

PRIDE Summer Camp Opportunities

Limited Enrollment – Apply Now!
COST: $180 per student/per camp


Michelle Graham

Nancy Lipps

Camp Schedule
Date: June 10-11: Summer Camp: Creative Writing
Location: Caperton Center (501 W. Main St. Clarksburg)

Date: June 24-25: Summer Camp: Art
Location: Caperton Center (501 W. Main St. Clarksburg)

Date: July 1-2: Summer Camp: Nature
Location: Caperton Center (501 W. Main St. Clarksburg)

Date: July 15-16: Summer Camp: Cooking
Location: Middletown Commons Culinary Lab 119

Date: July 29-30: Theater/Music
Location: Caperton Center Room 148 (501 W. Main St. Clarksburg)

While students learn to navigate their surroundings in a safe and effective manner, they establish our place as valued members of their community.

As the largest component of the program, students will learn in the areas of self-care skills, including hygiene, cooking, cleaning, job training and personal responsibility.

Students focus on appropriate ways to express themselves and communicate their needs while enhancing problem solving skills and socialization.

Overcoming Challenges

Pierpont’s PRIDE Academy meets students where they are and encourages them to become the most autonomous version of themselves. Our hands-on approach gives students the opportunity to focus on their goals while encouraging students of all abilities to succeed!