Fairmont, W.Va. – Attending college can be a hectic time, with many students struggling to balance a job, family life and their education. Some students may find that there isn’t enough time to do it all and give up on their quest to earn a degree. That’s where Pierpont Community & Technical College steps in.

“We understand that life can get very stressful,” said Dr. Kathleen Nelson, interim president of Pierpont Community & Technical College. “So we want to provide students with the assistance they need to make the college-going experience as stress-free as possible.”

Pierpont offers students the flexibility they need to earn a degree in their desired field. With online classes ranging from general education courses like English and math, to programs that are exclusively online, Pierpont will give students the flexibility that they desire.

“There’s been a tremendous cultural shift post-pandemic for more remote options in both the workplace and higher education,” said Katie Roeher, assistant dean of the School of Business, Aviation and Technology at Pierpont. “Working students need the flexibility of an online program to complete their educational goals without sacrificing their work and family obligations.”

Pierpont offers completely online programs, including American Sign Language, business: accounting, health information technology (HIT) and paralegal studies, where students have the option of taking courses without ever leaving their homes.

While students won’t have to step foot in a classroom, it doesn’t mean they won’t receive the hands-on education that they deserve.

“Unlike the major online, for-profit colleges, Pierpont is a small community college, meaning we can offer a more personalized learning experience for each one of our students,” said Roeher.
Education that Works!

Pierpont Community & Technical College is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Institution
“We get to know our students on a personal level, and we can cater our course deliveries to
their individualized learning needs.”

The flexibility of online classes even extends to the delivery style of each course. Programs like
business: accounting and health information technology offer asynchronous options to give
students even more flexibility.

“Students [in the HIT program] are able to schedule their studies at their pace each week for
their assignments,” said Stephanie Newbrough, assistant professor and program coordinator of
Pierpont’s HIT program.

“The business: accounting program provides flexibility in both course delivery and course
offering times,” adds Roeher. “Students can take an asynchronous course without a specific
meeting time or have the option to take a synchronous class which allows them to meet
virtually with their instructor for a more hands-on learning experience.”

Pierpont continues to take pride in providing the people of North Central West Virginia an
education that works. Regardless of life’s circumstances, Pierpont is here to give students the
opportunity to better themselves through education.

“We at Pierpont believe that everyone deserves a chance at an education,” said Dr. Nelson.
“Regardless of the situation students are in, we will find a way to provide them with an
accessible, comprehensive and quality education.”

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