Most people envision a normal summer camp to have campfires, s’mores and sleeping in a cabin. Pierpont Community and Technical College’s Maker Camp isn’t your typical summer camp.

Instead of learning to start a fire, these campers are learning other valuable lessons.

“The goal is to give these guys kind of a broad spectrum on things like computer coding, electronics, 3D printing, soldering, entrepreneurship, advanced manufacturing, just things they may not see in any other setting, and then, that way, they have it in the backs of their minds for their future,” Pierpont STREAM Director Glenna Pirner said.

Kids ages 12 to 16 were able to attend the five-day camp. While most kids that age may be doing other things in the summer, the group of kids that attended are committed to furthering their education.

“It’s awesome,” Pirner said. “These kids are here because they’re interested in this kind of thing.”

According to Pirner, this is the third year for the camp. The campers will undergo a graduation ceremony on July 15.

Even as the camp begins to wind down, Pirner hopes to have at least one thing stick in their minds.

“One of the biggest lessons that I impress on these kids is to keep your options open,” Pirner said. “I was one of the people that had a set idea of what I wanted to do in my life and I’m nowhere near that set idea, so even if things don’t work out, explore different options, have different hobbies, know what you enjoy and if one door opens, look for another that opens.”

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