Paralegal Studies

PARA 2213

This course provides students with an overview of the process and documents involved in the transfer of assets.  Topics include trusts, wills and gifts, administration of decedent’s estates, probate procedure, federal and state death and income taxes, and fiduciary accounting and responsibilities.

Property & Probate

PARA 2996

This course completes the professionalism component of Paralegal Studies and incorporates all course work in the program through creation of a professional portfolio.  Topics include elements of paralegal professionalism, current issues for paralegals, opportunities for pro bono work, creation of an effective resume, good job interviewing skills and portfolio development.

Paralegal Professional Development

PARA 2995

This cooperative practicum allows students the opportunity to apply classroom learning to a work environment where they will acquire essential and practical paralegal skills under the supervision of a legal professional.

Paralegal Professional Practicum

PARA 2994

This course examines the basic principles and rules of ethics applicable to the practice of law for both lawyers and paralegals.  In addition, it provides the students with the tools necessary to identify and avoid ethical problems, while providing practical tips to implement in everyday practice.  Topics covered include the regulation of the legal profession, the unauthorized practice of law, client confidentiality, conflicts of inter

Ethics and Professional Responsibility

PARA 2299

This course will provide an opportunity for students to further their study of principles and concepts in the field and to apply their knowledge in a variety of application both in the traditional classroom setting and in work/job related experiences. The class will be an individualized, arranged course, with learning outcomes determined by the instructor in consultation with the student and permission of the School Dean. 

Special Topics in Paralegal Studies

PARA 2289

This course will be an advanced guided experience for community college students to explore topics of interest in their field through research, field experience, presentation, computer applications, lab experience, or other project agreed upon between the student and the supervising faculty and is submitted to the dean in a written contract.

Guided Experience II VAR

PARA 2243

This course explores the laws affecting coal, oil and gas operations, including an examination of the nature and scope of property ownership in general and mineral ownership in particular; the legal rights of surface owners, mineral owners and operators and the protection of those rights; issues of joint ownership; interpretive problems in conveyancing; calculation of interests; an analysis of the types of documents used in the industr

Mineral Law

PARA 2242

This course introduces the strategies, tactics, skills and techniques of successful negotiators.  Students will have an opportunity to apply those concepts, skills and practices in a variety of interactive negotiating exercises.   By becoming more aware of their own reflexive reactions, as well as those of others, students will be better equipped to exercise conscious control over the choices they make and the way they react in negotiations, conflicts, and other interpersonal interactions. 

Negotiating Essentials