This program provides training in the skills needed to be effective in maintaining health information. Such documentation assists in ensuring the continuity of care and protects the financial and legal interests of the patient, the health care facility, and the responsible practitioner caring for the patient.


Stephanie Newbrough
Assistant Professor/Program Coordinator

Students can take this program completely online.

Students can receive credit for professional credentials that you have received throughout your career.

Pierpont’s HIT program is open enrollment.

HIT program can utilize stackable skill sets. While in the program, students can work toward receiving skill sets in:

Medical Administrative Assistant (Adv. Skill Set)

Electronic Health Record Specialist (Adv. Skill Set)

Medical Billing and Coding (Certificate)


Career Opportunites

With a degree in Health Information Technology, students can begin an exciting career in a variety of fields, including:

  • Health Information Technician
  • Medical Coder
  • Medical Records Technician


Median Salary Two Years After Graduation

Course Catalog

To see a model schedule for this program, please see our academic catalog.


Pierpont is an open enrollment institution. Only a standard Pierpont application is needed for this program.