Pierpont’s Dual Enrollment program offers both high school credit and college credit courses to high school students as an enrichment opportunity to provide an advanced start on earning college credit. Studies have proven that students who participate in dual enrollment programs are more likely to continue their education after high school graduation. By enrolling in dual credit courses, high school students can take advantage of valuable academic and social experience during their regular high school day at the discounted rate of $25/credit hour. Participating in dual credit opportunities:

  • Allows students to receive high school and college credit at the same time
  • Demonstrates the differences between high school and college-level courses
  • Lowers the costs of a students’ overall college education
  • Facilitates a smooth transition between high school and college
  • Provides students the opportunity to earn transferable college credit

Most Frequently Taken Dual Credit Courses

Pierpont offers a wide variety of courses that fulfill general education requirements for certificate, associate, and bachelor degree programs. Our most frequently taken courses include:

  • ENGL 1104-Written English I
  • ENGL 1108-Written English II
  • COMM 2200-Introduction to Human Communication
  • PSYG 1101-Introduction to Psychology
  • MTH 1212-College Algebra
  • BIOY 1101-General Biology
  • HLCA 1170-Human Anatomy and Physiology

What If I Want to Take Classes Outside of the High School Schedule?

If you want to take classes that are not being offered at your high school, you can choose to enroll in courses for college credit only. Pierpont’s Dual Enrollment program offers high school students the unique opportunity to complete courses for college credit outside of their regular high school schedule. Students can utilize this opportunity to take general education courses and program prerequisites not offered at their high school in order to get a jumpstart on earning important college credits. The majority of courses taken for college credit are offered online and all are taught by Pierpont faculty. In-person options for most classes are also available. In addition to providing a way to get ahead on college coursework, taking classes for college credit prepares students for what to expect at the next level of their education.

Fun Facts

  • Studies show that students who enroll in college courses while in high school experience an easier transition into college and are more likely to be successful.
  • Dual Enrollment students can complete large portions of a Certificate or Associate Degree while still in high school.
  • Dual Enrollment students at Pierpont have access to the resources within Student Services.

Transferring Credits

Many of our dual enrollment courses are included on the Core Transfer List, meaning they fulfill the equivalent general studies requirement at other 2- and 4-year state institutions.  If you complete dual enrollment courses and wish to transfer them to another institution, please request a transcript.


To enroll in dual enrollment classes, follow these steps:

  • Apply to Pierpont by clicking on Apply Now at pierpont.edu
  • Speak to your high school counselor about class availability and eligibility requirements
  • Contact dualenrollment@pierpont.edu for an add/drop form to complete registration.