College Credit While in High School

Pierpont’s Dual Enrollment program offers high school students the unique opportunity to complete courses for college credit outside of their regular high school schedule. Students can utilize this opportunity to take general education courses and program prerequisites not offered at their high schools to get a jumpstart on earning important college credits. The majority of courses taken for college credit are offered online and all are taught by Pierpont faculty. In-person options for most classes are also available. In addition to providing a way to get ahead on college coursework, taking classes for college credit prepares students for what to expect at the next level of their education.


To enroll in college credit classes, follow these steps:

  • Apply to Pierpont by clicking on Apply Now at
  • Speak to your high school counselor about class availability and eligibility requirements
  • Contact the Transitional Education Specialist for an add/drop form to complete registration at