The Foundation accepts funds to establish student scholarships, purchase equipment, support faculty and staff development, and support endowments for general programs of the college.   Donations can be earmarked for scholarships, to assist specific program or given as unrestricted gifts to used where they are needed. 


Scholarships are a common way for students to receive funds that will assist them with attending college. The foundation has scholarships that are program specific and general fund scholarships, all of which relieves the financial stress of attending college. 

Donors may create their own scholarship or donate to a current fund. The foundation has the capabilities to either create non-endowed or endowed funds.

Either way, your donation will go on to support the mission and students of Pierpont Community & Technical College. 

Student Emergency Fund

The Pierpont Foundation’s student emergency fund is used to assist students in times of need.  Through this fund, we have provided the means for students to replace textbooks damaged in accidents, purchase food, pay for bills or purchase gas to get to class. 

Donations may be made directly to this fund.

Unrestricted Funds

These funds are used to continue moving Pierpont forward. These funds are used for a range of reasons, including general scholarships, supporting professional development, or anything else that can move Pierpont into a brighter future.