Name Title Email Phone
Steven Akers Application Programmer / Developer in Information Systems
Anthony Anobile Executive Chef, Culinary Instructor 304-367-4306
Terri Armentrout Adjunct, Licensed Practical Nursing / LPN Success Coordinator
Lori Barrett Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education; Director of Laboratory Preschool
Rachel Plybon Beach Assistant Professor, Applied Design 304-367-4367
David Beighley Associate Provost of Academic Student Learning / Dean, School of General Education and Professional Studies; Professor, English 304-367-4726
Debra Benedetti Senior Professor, English 304-367-4803
Hunter Bennett Instructor, Aviation Maintenance Technology
Les Boggess Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice 304-367-4678
JT Bowers Director of Information Technology
Dale Bradley Vice President for Finance and Administration 304-367-4752
Diamond Brown Recruitment Specialist 304-534-7073
Paige Buckhalter Admissions Processor 304-534-7895
Taylor Burd Laboratory Preschool Teacher, Early Childhood
Kimberly Cale Manager, Recruitment and Employee Relations 304-534-7887
Dr. Ironda Campbell Professor, Communication, Graduate and Professional Studies 304-367-4929
Chuck Christopher Program Coordinator/Instructor, Electric Utility Technology 304-367-4931
Suzan Clemens, Ph.D. Director of Support Services 304-367-4073
Elora Clothier Administrative Assistant, School of Business, Aviation and Technology 304-534-7888
Don Clutter Campus Security Officer 304-534-7837
Charlie Clutter Campus Security Officer, Gaston Caperton Center 304-919-5184
Susan Woods Coffindaffer Associate Professor / Program Coordinator, Paralegal Studies; Board of Governors - Faculty Rep. 304-333-3668
Dr. Kari Coffindaffer Dean, School of Business, Aviation and Technology; Senior Professor, Graphics Technology 304-367-4638
Janet Cole Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education 304-367-4853
Kristen Cosner Director of Social Media and Community Affairs 304-367-4847
Sherri Craddock Associate Professor 304-333-3634
Amy Cunningham Dean of School of Health Sciences; Professor 304-367-4764
Chris Daniels Manager, Information Systems 304-367-4503
J.J. Davis Registrar 304-367-4298
Bruce Dawson Instructor, Aviation Maintenance Technology 304-367-4210
Tavia Defazio Program Coordinator, Radiologic Technology
Mekell DeMary-Andrew LPN Clinical Coordinator
Jaden Dent Customer Service Specialist
Memori Dobbs Director of Student Success & Completion, Academic Affairs 304-367-4854
Jennifer Fattore Ellison Associate Professor, Mathematics 304-367-4879
Leah Ellyson Program Assistant II 304-367-4596
Rebecca Mays Ernest Adjunct Professor, English
Skye Feather Assistant to the Provost 304-534-7740
Natalie Feltz Associate Professor; Food Service Management Program Coordinator 681-753-5083
Sara Feltz Instructor, Culinary Arts 304-368-4843
Joseph Filchock Instructor, Energy Programs
Vickie Findley Professor, Health Sciences and Health Information 304-367-4716
Carolyn Fletcher Director of Accounting 304-534-7702
Shelby Ford Veterinarian
Lisa Foster Director of Clinical Education, Assistant Professor Respiratory Care Program 681-753-5706
Nicholas George Associate Professor, Aviation Maintenance Technology 304-367-4087
Dr. Brad Gilbert Senior Professor and Director of Aviation Technology 304-367-4800
Cat Gorman Records Specialist/Veteran Coordinator 304-534-7867
Michelle Graham Instructor, Life Skills for PRIDE Academy 304-625-1844
Dr. Joni M. Gray Director or Pierpont College Academy and Transitional Education 304-367-4208
Michael Gray Information System Technician 304-333-3716
Dana Gribben Payroll Manager 304-367-4786
Pamela Hamilton Senior Professor, Food Service Management 304-367-4297
Amanda Hawkinberry Executive Assistant to the President 304-367-4933
Maynard Hawkins Facilities Manager 304-534-7124
Dr. Milan S. Hayward President 304-367-4808
John Hitchens Assistant Professor / Program Director, Emergency Medical Services 304-367-4501
William Hornick Assistant Professor, Information Systems Technology
Lauren Huffman Test Administrator, CWE -Testing Center 304-534-7882
Jaden Dent Customer Service Specialist
Kathy Hypes Vice President of Institutional Advancement 304-247-9835
Nancy Ligus Director of Workforce, Continuing Education and Economic Development, Center for Workforce Education 304-366-8912
Blake Lillard Instructor, Applied Process Technology
Nancy Lipps Instructor, Focused Occupational Redundancy Training and Education for PRIDE Academy 304-695-3608
Ruby Losh Program Coordinator/Instructor, American Sign Language / Interpreter Education 304-816-0658
Bobbi Loveridge Assistant Professor, Veterinary Technology
Jack Lowe Instructor, Advanced Welding 304-376-9587
Donald Luketic Maintenance Specialist
Debra Lupica-Scott Assistant Professor, English; Program Coordinator, Liberal Studies 304-367-4615
Jama Marshall DHHR Student Services Coordinator, Support Services 304-534-7861
Jenni McConnell Executive Director of Admissions, Recruiting & Student Engagement 304-534-7865
Jay Morris Program Director, Health Sciences 304-598-4251
Karen Morris Assistant Professor, Business
Stephanie Flaherty Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator, Health Information Technology 681-753-5705
Juanita Nickerson Information System Specialist; Board of Governors - Classified Staff Rep. 304-367-4874
Jeffrey Noel Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Bryanna Ordiway Assistant Professor, Physical Therapist Assistant 304-367-4042
Nancy W. Parks Director, Center for Teaching Excellence, Assessment, & Inclusion 304-367-4990
George H. Perich Director, Human Resources and Organizational Development 681-753-5712
Charles Peters Instructor, Aviation Maintenance Technology
Lisa Phillips Assistant Registrar 304-333-3657
Carmelo Pitrolo Instructor, Applied Process Technology 304-534-7811
Christy Reger Program Assistant I, Aviation Maintenance Technology 304-367-4065
Cynthia Rodina Instructor, Aviation Maintenance Technology
Katie Roeher Assistant Professor of Business, Interim Program Coordinator, & Assistant Dean 304-534-7849
Anna Romano Assistant Professor/Coordinator, Veterinary Technology 304-367-4763
Erika Rush Assistant Professor, Medical Laboratory Technology 304-333-3624
Mary Jo Rutherford Program Assistant II 304-367-4919
Carla Sabatino Administrative Assistant 304-367-4692
Dr. Tina Sager Associate Professor, General Education and Professional Studies 304-333-3609
Raime Santee Student Accounts Coordinator 304-333-3739
James Satterfield Instructor, Aviation Maintenance Technology
Annette Shaw Administrative Associate, Aviation 304-367-4061
Kelly Shiflett Financial Aid Specialist 304-439-5296
Bill Shockley Director of Financial Aid 304-367-4907
Payge Shuck Information Systems Specialist 304-534-7095
Wendy Singleton Assistant Professor/Program Coordinator, Respiratory Care 304-367-4152
Jillian Sole Assistant Director of Financial Aid 304-534-7870
Sierra Spitzer Academic Advisor 304-362-8162
Karen Stallman Admissions and Recruiting 304-367-4288
Dr. Mark Staples, PhD., LPCA Assistant Professor, Social Sciences 304-367-4359
Robin Strader, PhD Executive Director of eLearning, eLearning/Academic Affairs 304-534-7892
Donald E. Stricklin Assistant Professor, Aviation Maintenance Technology
Becky Swiger Senior Accountant
Natalie Sypolt Associate Professor, English 304-333-3724
Alon Taylor Assistant Professor, Emergency Medical Services 304-367-4718
Jessica Terlosky Instructional Specialist
Shelley Tharp Comptroller, Finance & Administration 304-534-7076
Raven Thomas Student Involvement Coordinator 304-534-7864
Jeff Thompson Senior Information Systems Analyst, IT 304-534-7849
Rosemary Trupo Adjunct Professor, Radiologic Technology, United Hospital Center 681-342-1871
Matt Turner Director of Marketing, Communications and Donor Relations 304-534-7102
Dr. Michael Paul Waide Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs 304-367-4602
Andrea Wamsley-Barr Program Director / Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy Assistant 304-367-4043
Melissa White Associate Professor/Program Coordinator, Medical Laboratory Technology 304-367-4790
David Williams Director of Procurement 304-333-3717
Jeremy Wilson Instructor, Information Systems
Kari Woodman Financial Aid Specialist 304-534-7869